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About Us


Debbie Wright, Owner

  • Why did I open a ballroom dance studio?
    It has been a long journey to get to this moment. As a child, I always loved music and dancing—it was in my heart and soul. From cheerleader to aerobics instructor, I was able to enjoy the passion inside me.
  • Date Night
    Several years into my marriage, I took weekly private dance lessons with my husband—it was our date night. Every Monday evening, I connected with my husband and was able to share my passion for dance and movement.
  • The Freedom of Dance
    It wasn’t until tragedy struck our family that I discovered the true gift and power of dance. When my 13-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer, I found a healthy release and freedom in dance. I experienced the many benefits of dance during this dark time of my life.
  • It’s never too late.
    After raising three children, I decided it was time for me to explore my curiosity for dance. At age 45, I started to take private lessons and within a few months began competing. I had a passion and desire to learn even more.
  • Motivation
    I compete several times a year and have traveled all over the world. Ballroom dance is a discipline that can be learned at any age. I started at the beginner level in my age group. I worked my way up the medal system from bronze to silver to gold, and now open.
  • An Invitation
    Experiencing the benefits of dance—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—I realized that I wanted to share my love of dance and its many rewards with the Eugene community. It’s why I decided to open Eugene’s premier ballroom studio. I invite you and everyone to visit the Vault and dance!

Meet Our



Anton Ivanyshyn

Anton is an accomplished professional ballroom dance instructor from Ukraine. He has earned several professional International titles and accolades. His positive and friendly personality inspires dance students of all levels and ages. His professional approach to teaching has proven to be very successful. He is a top-level dancer, teacher and Pro-Am partner. His performance entertains audiences with his unique personal charm and character. Anton was the founder of dance studios in Ukraine and organizer of several successful dance competitions, which attracted hundreds of dance students. We are fortunate to have Anton as our resident instructor at Vault Dance studio.


Hanna Lytvynovych

Hanna was born in Ukraine and is a professional ballroom dancer. Her passion for dance began at a young age and she has dedicated her life to sharing her love for ballroom dancing with students of all ages and levels. Throughout her career, Hana has achieved several notable accomplishments as both a performer and competitor. She has won numerous awards and accolades in regional and national ballroom dance competitions. She believes that ballroom dancing is a beautiful art form that, not only provides physical exercise, but also promotes emotional well-being and social connection. She focuses on building strong foundational skills while encouraging students to find their unique dance style and develop confidence on and off the dance floor.

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